Gate Driver
        Isolated Driver
            Isolated Half Bridge Driver
            Isolated Single-channel Driver
        Non-Isolated Driver
            >600V Half-Bridge Driver
            Low-Side Driver
    Industrial/Medical/Automotive ASSP
        Industrial ASSP
            ASSP for Industry Field Instrument
        CAN/LIN Transceiver
            Isolated CAN Tranceiver
            CAN Transceiver
            LIN Transceiver
        I²C Interface
            Hot Swappable I²C Buffer
            I²C Expander
            I²C Switch
            I²C Level Shifter
            I²C Buffer
        LVDS/MLVDS Interface
            MLVDS Interface
        485 Transceiver
            Isolated RS485 Tranceiver
        Digital Isolator
            General Digital Isolator
            Extra-Wide Body Digital Isolator
            Digital Isolator with Integrated Isolated Power
        Isolated Interface
            Isolated RS485 Tranceiver
            Isolated CAN Tranceiver
            Isolated I2C Isolator
        Isolated Power
            Isolated RS485 Tranceiver with Integrated Isolated Power
            Isolated CAN Tranceiver with Integrated Isolated Power
            Digital Isolator with Integrated Isolated Power
        Isolated Sampling
            Isolated ADC
            Isolated Current Amplifier
            Isolated Voltage Amplifier
            Isolated Error Amplifier
    LED Driver
        Automotive Exterior LED Driver
            Automotive Rear Lighting Driver
    Motor Control Driver
        Brushed DC Motor Driver
            Brushed DC Motor Integrated Driver
        Relay and Solenoid Driver
            Multi Channel Low Side Driver
    Power Path Protection
        Smart High & Low Side Switch
            Smart Low Side Switch
    Power Supply
        Low Dropout Regulator
            ≥10V Low Iq LDO
        Current Sensor
            Chip-level Current Sensor with Integrated Current Path(<100A)
        Magnetic Position Sensor
            Hall-based Angle Sensor
        Pressure Sensor
            MEMS Pressure Sensor
            Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor
        Pressure Sensitive Ceramic Capacitor
        Pressure Sensitive Ceramic Capacitor
        Sensor Signal Conditioning Chip
            Pressure Sensor Signal Conditioning IC
            MEMS Microphone Signal Conditioning IC
            ASSP for Industry Field Instrument
            Infrared PIR Sensor Signal Conditioning IC
            Thermopile Sensor Signal Conditioning IC
            Magnetic Sensor Signal Conditioning IC
    Industrial Automation
    Energy Power Supply
        Automobile Sensor
        Battery Management
        Electric Drive and Power Supply
        Automobile Sensor
        Tail-gas treatment system
        Gas steam management system
        Crankcase ventilation casing
        Engine intake system (including BAP)
        VBS vacuum brake assist
        Automobile seat pressure testing
        Thermal management electronic water valve
        Electric Drive and Power Supply
        Automotive OBC charger
        Automotive PTC
        Electric drive of automobile
        Battery Management
        Automobile battery testing
        Automotive BMS
    Energy Power Supply
        Industrial BMS
        Charging Pile
        Digital Power
        Distribution Automation
        Industrial BMS
        Two-wheeled vehicle BMS
        Backup battery
        Digital Power
        Terminal Temperature Measurement
        Smart ammeter
        Centralized inverter
        Series inverter
        Charging Pile
        DC charging pile
        AC charging pile
        Distribution Automation
    Industrial Automation
        Industrial Field Instrument
        Industrial Motor Dive
        Industrial Control
        Industrial Transportation
        Industrial Control
        PLC, DCS
        Industrial Motor Dive
        Industrial Motor Drive
        Industrial Transportation
        Cold-chain transportation
        Gas meter temperature compensation
        Industrial Field Instrument
        Industrial Transmitter (Pressure/Temperature)
        Smart Lighting
        Body Temperature Measurement
        White Household Appliances
        Home Appliances
        White Household Appliances
        Liquid Level Measurement
        A/C variable frequency
        Smart Lighting
        Smart Street Light
        Body Temperature Measurement
        Contact-type body temperature measurement
        Home Appliances
        Smart cleaner
Service & Support
    Online Training
        Digital isolators improve the safety of new energy vehicles_CN
        Isolators applied in industrial BMS_CN
        Temperature measurement solution design based on sensor signal conditioning chip_CN
        Contact temperature sensor-based body temperature monitoring solution for wearable devices_CN
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        Infrared pyroelectric (PIR) sensors applied in intelligent lighting and security_CN
        NSA(C)2862X applied in Industrial IoT_CN
        Signal Conditioning Requirements and Applications for MEMS Microphone Sensors_CN
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        How optocoupler-compatible isolated drivers solve industrial application challenges_CN
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        Integrated MEMS pressure sensors applied in automotive industry_CN
        Digital isolation improves power systems performance_CN
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News & Event
        NOVOSENSE launched a new integrated circuit Hall sensor: NSM201X series
        NOVOSENSE launched the universal CAN port chip NCA1042, isolation CAN port chip NSI1042
        Novosense selects Tower Semiconductor for volume manufacturing of their magnetic sensor for the automotive on-board charger market
        NOVOSENSE helped Professor Cheng Lin's research group in USTC to make important progress in the field of power management chip design
        NOVOSENSE (688052) successfully listed on the STAR Market at the Shanghai Stock Exchange
        NOVOSENSE launched NSM2015 / NSM2016 series, a new chip-level current sensor with high isolation and overcurrent protection function
        Low cost and high performance! NOVOSENSE launched the new isolation voltage sampling NSI1312x series
        NOVOSENSE has launched multiple automotive-qualified chips with breakthrough innovation technology In the first half of 2022!
        “Wutong Mountain” Communication | Review of NOVOSENSE’s participation in electronica China in South China
        More than 40 chips from three product lines of NOVOSENSE were unveiled at electronica China
        NOVOSENSE showcased sensor series at Sensor China Exhibition
        A number of new products of NOVOSENSE appeared at electronica China, and China chip shined on the "E Planet”
        NOVOSENSE went all out to play a leading role in smart car
        Children's watch that can measure temperature, human body sensing night light... Let's take a look at the "interesting" technology of NOVOSENSE at SENSOR CHINA
        NOVOSENSE brought innovative solutions to the China International Industry Fair, with full category of isolation devices to facilitate "intelligent manufacturing" in the future
        新品发布 | 纳芯微推出全新集成电流路径霍尔传感器:NSM201X系列
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